1// About B@nkVista

Discover a powerful and user-friendly solution

Financial markets’ complexity and ever more sophisticated clients require asset managers to use state-of-the-art systems to optimize their work.

By connecting to the custodian banks of your clients, to the central administration of your investment funds, to your brokers and to financial information providers such as Bloomberg, B@nkVista flexible interface will allow you to quickly access the information required.

Wealth management is your core business activity, so you need a powerful, fast and reliable solution on which you can rely. B@nkVista is considered by many professionals as one of the best portfolio management solution on the market while remaining at the same time affordable.

2// B@nkVista Advantages

Some of the benefits of implementing B@nkVista

  • User-friendly and comprehensive interface
  • Stable, flexible and scalable
  • Impressive response time
  • Low implementation cost
  • Interfaced with many custodian banks and banking systems
  • Access anywhere from any PC, tablet or smartphones
  • Dashboard summarizing key information not to be missed per user profile
  • Filtering and sorting tools to extract any data for analysis purpose
  • Build your own reports from the B@nkVista database
  • Mifid II compliant

3// B@ankVista screens

Have an idea of how the screens look like:

Our main application

Our web client application