Portfolio Management

1// Overview

Manage the assets of your clients held across several custodian banks in one place is a significant advantage.

Integrating data from the custodian banks with financial information from Bloomberg will allow you to work quicker and take more informed decisions.

2// Main features

  • Consolidated views: from different custodian banks, for a family, per account manager…
  • Portfolio rebalancing: allows to manage your portfolios through model portfolio’s. Receive an alert once there is a divergence above a specified level and generate orders automatically.
  • Benchmarking: create your own composite benchmark
  • Fund management module: record historical data on NAV, subscriptions and redemptions per share classes, portfolio’s, compute performance and performance attribution analysis
  • Private equity module: manage private equity investments with historical details on commitments, capitall calls and distributions
  • Reporting of unlisted assets: real estate, collections…
  • Cash flow management: access a schedule of future cash flows including dividends, coupons, and bonds’, loans’ and deposits’ maturities
  • Fees management: compute management and performance fee
  • Performance contribution analysis: determines where your performance comes from, both on an absolute basis and versus a benchmark.